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Quality cuts, locally sourced

Family owned butcher shop since 1980

-   ABOUT US  -

Hi, I am Carlos, owner, head butcher and meat enthusiast at Commisso Meat. My story began in the year 1969 in San Juan, Argentina when I was introduced to butchering and fell in love with the trade. That love led me to opening my own shop in 1980, which was then sold in the year of 1989, when I decided to pick-up and move my Family to this great country.

In Canada, I was fortunate enough to find work and continue the trade with leading butcher shops and top grocers within the Greater Toronto Area for roughly 30+ years. Those experiences showed me just how diverse our lovely city is and the need for special cuts for different cultures. It also helped me gain a better understanding of the local Ontario meat market and the differences in meat quality. 

Enter 2020, a year most want to forget! For me it was unforgettable. I met Dominic Commisso, who founded and built Commisso Meat for 40+ years and was looking for the right predecessor. I quickly realized that this shops story and values were aligned with mine. Under my ownership, Commisso Meat would continue its long standing Italian tradition and local sourcing but incorporate my Argentine/Latin expertise and expand the Latin product offering.

At Commisso Meat, supporting local Ontario farms is at the heart of what we do. We welcome you to come try us out and see the Commisso difference. We speak English, Italian and Spanish to cater to our diverse clientele and specialize in all Central and South American cuts.

We hope to see you soon! 

Carlos Garcia-Alonso 

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